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Thread: Zimbra 7 admin interface for Zimbra 8?

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    Default Zimbra 7 admin interface for Zimbra 8?


    We are running a cluster of Zimbra 7 servers and are starting to migrate to Zimbra 8. Our staff and clients currently use the Zimbra 7 admin interface for all administrative issues. Since the Zimbra 8 interface is a bit different from 7, we would like to continue to use the 7 admin interface for now. Is it possible to configure the cluster to use the Zimbra 7 admin page to manage both 7 & 8?

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    We did a rolling upgrade from 7 to 8 and there are things you just can't administer from version 7 for version 8. I would not suggest attempting this long term. I don't recall the exact details but there were certain errors we came across when using specific cross version administrative functions. In the end, until the upgrade was done, we administered changes to existing version 7 users with the version 7 admin and changes to existing version 8 users with the version 8 admin. Any new users or DL's we created on the version 8 admin as there are version 8 LDAP modifications you want to make sure are included on the users you create.

    I know I'm a bit vague and wish I had more specifics, but I hope this was helpful.


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    I think this is not officially supported. As mentioned by Brad, some of the things can not be administered from 7.0 for 8.0.

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