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Thread: Zimbra v8 - Programatically Handling Missing Icons on the Web Client

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    Default Zimbra v8 - Programatically Handling Missing Icons on the Web Client


    I have Release 8.0.4.GA.5737.UBUNTU12.64 UBUNTU12_64 NETWORK edition.

    I have a relating post and a bug filed concerning v8 and no longer displaying Icons on the buttons.

    The v8 release essentially did away with the nice interface of v7 and the majority of the Icons that were on the buttons are gone. We are now trying to handle this programmatically. We think this can be done based on some research we have done since we also have a v7.2 instance of Zimbra to compare it against. Here is some data I sent to Zimbra's Support. My the Zimbra Community can assist me in find the file or files I need to update in order to get this to work:

    I have been doing research with a programmer here (who does our Zimlets programming) on handling the Icons on the Buttons ourselves. We found that this may be possible. For example in Firefox, we can step through the HTML and edit lines of code on the fly. We compared the HTML between v7 and v8. By putting the line below in the browser running Zimbra v8 in the proper place, the button will display the icon fine:

    <div class="ImgReply ZDisabledImage"></div>
    inside of <td id="zb__CLV-main__REPLY_left_icon" class="ZLeftIcon ZWidgetIcon"></td>

    We also did find the icon file on the v8 server. What we would like to find is the file(s) (java script or other wise) that generates the above HTML so we can do the change ourselves. We just need some help in located that file. If you have the answer or if not escalate it to a programmer to point us in the right direction, that would be helpful to us.

    Any assistance on this wold be great!


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    Thank You, there is a bug recently logged for this. Please log in and vote for it.
    In the meantime, if there is someone from the Zimbra Community that has attempted a work around or knows what to do, your cleverness would be welcomed.



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