Hi there,

here is a problem...
incoming internal and external mails to accounts in our ZCS installation are only to be delivered during specific time periods.
lets say we want incoming mails from internal and external senders only to be delivered to the receipient's mailbox during office hours.
I need to define time periods per mailbox during which mails are (not yet) delivered (but queued) by the Postfix/ZCS.

What would I need to do to achive that?
Where can I get more information about this?
Are there similar projects with the same requirements around?

I can imagine that something like this is possible to achive manipulating the postfix mail queue management... may be just switching the "dequeue" on and off via a cron ???

Can anyone give me some advise where to look? ...the zimbra support noted that there is no such feature within zimbra...

Thank you very much