We've migrated an old decrepid imap mail server over with some scripts and mailboxes via imapsync. It would appear, there are maybe 20-30 cases where a user now has an email in their box that is empty for everythign, but as long as that email is in their box, they cant send/recieve messages via thunderbird/outlook.

I'd like to programatically get a list of user accounts that have this problem or perhaps just delete the bad messages, however I know that just deleting the 0byte messages out of the mailstore is probably not a fantastic idea.

I tried getting access to mysql via running mysql-administrator and connecting as zimbra user through the /opt/zimbra/db/mysql.sock and port 7306, btu it acts like no database is running.

Can somone give me a few pointers on how else I might achieve this?

Thanks in advance.