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    Default Calendar debug question

    I have a user that administers a group calendar for the whole company (about 50 users total using it). She said she's noticed problems with dates changing. For instance, she'll have a 4 day even scheduled and some how it'll show only 3 days long. In another instance, an event changed dates by a whole week.

    Now my question is, how can I debug to either A) find out WHO changed the dates, if that is indeed what is happening? or B) find out why these dates are changing themselves...? Is there some log somewhere I can view that will tell me which user modified a shared calendar entry?

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    Is the calendar being used to create appointments on, shared w/ Manager access? I dont see how anyone else can change the dates otherwise.

    Best thing to do would be to try to reproduce this case (as its probably a bug in our code) and then file it in bugzilla.
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    Yes, several users have access to change the calendar. That is why I wanted some way to be able to track who's changing, in case the problem is caused by one of our users versus an application bug. No sense in creating a bug request if I'm not 100% sure its one of my users causing the error to begin with.

    So my question stands, is there a way to find out who's modified (or last modified maybe?) a calendar entry? In a verbose log somewhere? Without this, kind of makes it something hard to troubleshoot.

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