Zimbra 8.0.5 (new install as of today), CentOS 6.4

I'm unable to specify a single IP address via the admin interface as one of MTA Trusted Network addresses, nor can I specify anything /28 or smaller (.../32).

For instance, via the admin interface: Configure, Servers, double-click my host name, MTA, and enter:

and try to save, and I get the following error message:

Invalid Value:

Message: Error! Value for MTA Trusted Networks must contain local network interfaces:
Additional information about MTA Trusted Networks configuration can be found at ZimbraMtaMyNetworks - Zimbra :: Wiki. Error code: AjxException.INVALID_PARAM Method: ZaServerController.prototype.validateMyNetworks

nor can I save that with /31, /30, /29, or /28. At /27, though, I can save things successfully.

So, I drop down to the command line and run:

zmprov ms $host zimbraMtaMyNetworks ''

and it takes. Great! Except, when I return to the admin interface, and try to save anything under Configure, Servers, and I get the same error message as above. The saves take place, so this isn't urgent, but it is annoying. (I suspect now that the original attempts to set the address were working, just being misreported as errors.)