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Thread: network service error (code: CSFE_SVC_ERROR )

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    Default network service error (code: CSFE_SVC_ERROR )


    since updating from 7.x to 8.0.4 I'm getting a popup shown in the attachment approx 5-10 times a day in my zimbra webmail. it is not reproduceable. for me it shows up haphazard. does anybody has the same problem?
    it's not depending on the browser.

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    nothing is shown in zimbra debug window or firebug.. any ideas?

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    Oops, sorry initially I responded to another post, so editing with the proper response.

    In many cases, a 502 error might come from the front end nginx proxy. If the nginx proxy is returning this, it often indicates an issue/problem communicating between nginx and the particular backend mailbox server where your mailbox is located. I've seen cases where a firewall or load balancer sits between the front end nginx proxy hosts and the backend mailbox hosts and closes connections on nginx after some timeout period. In that kind of case, nginx usually temporarily marks the backend host down and returns 502's until it's refresh/retry window reopens and it reconnects to the backend host again.

    If this could be your case, then you'll want to look into the nginx access and error logs and see if you can find times where HTTP 502's are returned. Then try to correlate those to logs on the corresponding mailbox host mailbox.log files to see if you can identify a pattern to see if you can track this down.
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