Guys I'm using the REST interface to do some backup tests (actually, I want to make some automation with HTTP calls from .net)
and a problem came out in the process, so I want to share it for your comments.

I've used the ?fmt=tgz parameter and ?fmt=zip parameter with odd results. The tar have skipped almost everything, i.e. in an
account with more than 5k elements, it just have included about 400. In comparison, I tried with the zip and it went apparently ok,
but it dropped multiple self naming folders in an incremental way, say Inbox!1, Inbox!2, Inbox!3...Inbox!n, rather of consolidate into an
unique solid folder named "Inbox" as it actually is in the mailbox. No additional parameters but fmt have been involved.

I have not found another way to export a mailbox on a safely way but the web interface so far, so I really want to get through the
REST interface as much as I can before try something else, like SOAP or so.

What do you think is happening there?