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Thread: Owncloud WebDav in Zimbra

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    Default Owncloud WebDav in Zimbra

    Hey everybody,

    i am using an Owncloud and an ZCS 8 Server at home.

    I can connect to both servers from everywhere i want and can sync the prictures i take with my mobilephone automatically with my owncloud server.
    This owncloud server provides an WebDav folder on which i can connect from my clients.

    My idea is, to connect my Zimbra account with this WebDav. In the forums and google searches i can only find "how to map webdav from other zcs users".

    I have searched the zimlet gallery and found an dropbox and google drive zimlet, but nothing to mount my owncloud WebDav directory.

    Some ideas how i can share my owncloud data with my ZCS account?


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    I still didn't try this...actually, I found out it existed like "just now" through this spanish post "".

    Hope it helps you although is not free.!


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