New to Zimbra. Working on v6 until the update to 7 in a couple of days.

I'm trying to work out the zimbra way to configure an additional domain (that much is easy) and have all existing users be addressable in it, as well as a number of other (virtual?) users also be addressable in it but have their mail sent elsewhere (these are not local users, though will be eventually).

It is in the context of migrating to a new domain and acquiring users from a merger with a third group.

So now I have the simple setup of user@domain1.com. I'd like to add domain2.com to which all current users can be reached: user@domain2.com and also setup a bunch of others: user10@domain2.com whose mail is sent to userX@somewhereselse.com userX is not a local user here, but will become one when domain1.com is retired and domain2.com is primary.

If its necessary to create local users in order to send their mail elsewhere then I can do this but I'd prefer to avoid that until later in the organisational changes.

I know how to do this in sendmail and postfix. I just need the Zimbra way so its all integrated and correct.

many thanks