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Thread: Strange accounts

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    Default Strange accounts


    All of my accounts are from an external ldap.
    I have a script that sync my zimbra with that external ldap so I never manually create accounts.

    I recently noticed that my script remove accounts that never existed on my external ldap.

    These strange accounts have that format :

    I could't find much in my log except that is an address in someone address book.

    Here is an example of the creaton line i found in mailbox.log :
    mailbox.log.2013-09-26.gz:2013-09-26 10:38:54,685 INFO  [qtp1436738887-1666427:] [] mailbox - Creating mailbox with id 2894 and group id 94 for
    mailbox.log.2013-09-16.gz:2013-09-16 18:32:34,653 INFO  [qtp1436738887-982770:] [;ip=;ua=iOS/6.1.3 (10B329) dataaccessd/1.0;] mailbox - Creating mailbox with id 2890 and group id 90 for

    Any idea what created these accounts?

    Also the accounts are not completly removed.
    If I do : zmprov da
    I get this :
    -l option is specified. Only the LDAP entry of the account will be deleted.
    DB data of the account and associated blobs will not be deleted.

    Continue? [Y]es, [N]o:

    How can I completly remove these account?
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    This sound like someone is using sharing with an external account. See for some details. In theory they only have data in LDAP (no mailbox).

    Hopefully that helps!

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