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Thread: How to setup WebUI access to SAME account w/ different password & permissions ?

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    Question How to setup WebUI access to SAME account w/ different password & permissions ?


    I have an account,, set up for IMAP & WebUI access.

    The password for both IMAP & web access is the same.

    I'd like to setup a more-restricted 'view' of the *SAME* account, with a different password and tighter permissions/restrictions.

    I.e., logging-in rather than as ", pass=xxx", having full/broad access to a set of Zimbra UI features, I'd like to be able to login to the SAME account, but as ", pass=yyy12345yyy", with a restricted set of features.

    I can certainly setup an email alias, and am able to login as that alias -- but that's with the same password & permissions as the parent.

    Is this doable in Zimbra? Can I configure this alternate access? If so, how?


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