We have Single-sign-on in front of webmail for our zimbra.

So, our domains login and logout urls are both set to our SSO login and logout url.

This is fine, if someone presses the logout button in webmail, it takes them to the SSO logout, and kills their SSO session. Good to go.

The problem is, if a webmail session times out, it also takes them to the SSO logout url. Which sounds fine, except, if a user has webmail open in a tab, and is working in some other SSO'd app, after the timeout hits in webmail, their SSO session is ripped out from beneath them.

There are a few solutions here, like setting the webmail idle timeout longer, but a really nice solution would be to have idle-timeout take them to the standard zimbra logout, rather than the SSO sign-out page.

Is it possible to change the idle timeout destination such that it is different than the logout url?