Hi guys,

To start off, I'm pretty new to zimbra. After having googled and searched I haven't really found an answer to my question and perhaps I'm just overseeing something here.

Anyhow, I want to do the following.

I have domain: x.com

All my users have an email adres, e.g. frank@x.com

Now I want the following. When I log in to zimbra (web) I'd like to login to frank@x.com and also see all folders etc from the generic mailbox orders@x.com this box is shared with a few people. They all work on it and we need to see when somebody replied or also when moved a message to a folder (e.g. folder: pending or back-order)

I have been looking around and what I tried is adding orders@x.com as external imap account. This gives me all the folders, but when somebody else moves a message I don't see this straight away. Only after having clicked on a few folders it gets updated.
This is causing issues, since now mails get replied to twice or processed twice. Also when sending email the adres is not correct. It should send from orders@x.com in this case when replying on the mail instead of the private box.

Actually I think I'm doing something wrong by setting this up as an external imap while it's on the same box and same domain.

Can somebody explain me how to go with this? Would be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!