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Thread: SCRIPT WITH "displayName" $FULLNAME

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    Post SCRIPT WITH "displayName" $FULLNAME

    Thanks for the help so far! I finally got the server!

    Need help in creating a script has to treat "displayName"
    I'm using a scirpt that reads the username and namefull

    example of the main part of the script ...
    #zmprov ca $ passwd displayName $namefull

    The variables comes from my list users.txt
    richard.matthew, Richard Matthew Stallman
    linus.torvalds; Linus Torvalds; mad

    Problem with namefull, has first name and second name in an error!

    error = usage: createAccount (ca) {name @ domain} {password} [attr1 value1 [value2 ... attr2]]
    For general help, type: zmprov - help

    If namefull is only first name, and script works ok in that case would only create the User of and assign the namefull with "mad"

    how I can make the parameter "displayName" accepted names as
    Richard Matthew Stallman
    Linus Torvalds


    ps: if use echo $ namefull returns the namefull correctly.

    I do not know if it was clear, but I tried to drill.!

    Thank you again!

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    I'll guess you're using a shell script, perhaps bash. If you're using bash, then you'll likely want to use double quotes around the variable so spaces embedded in the variable don't end up as separate arguments to the zmprov command.

    - Bash Reference Manual: Double Quotes
    - Quoting Variables

    Hope this helps!

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