I know that it's "another" service status problem, but I really need your help please.

We have just installed another Zimbra server (on a new server) : Zimbra 8.0.5 on Ubuntu 12.04 x64.

All seems to be ok, no errors on log, zmcontrol status is ok.

But on the admin interface, no service are marked as green. All are red (zmcontrol status is ok for all).

/var/log/zimbra-stats.log is ok, without errors and with some stats information (including "STATUS: xxx.xxx.xx: yyyyyy: Running").

zmlogswatch.out has just some "Use of uninitialized value $app in string eq at /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmlogger line 587, <> line 1123." lines. No errors.

mailbox.log, zmmailboxd.out, syslog no errors.

I've seen many articles and can't find any trace of what can be malformed.

Any idea please ?

Many thanks