I've been using Zimbra for a long time and don't remember disk use increasing like this. However, this is my first install of the 8.x.x series, this install has been running for roughly two weeks.

server03# pwd
server03# ll | wc -l
server03# du -ch | grep total
5.9G	total
server03# su - zimbra
zimbra@server03:~$ zmcontrol -v
Release 8.0.5.GA.5839.UBUNTU12.64 UBUNTU12_64 FOSS edition.
How quickly should /opt/zimbra/logger/db/data/rrds be growing? Is there an upper limit that I just haven't hit yet?

Alternatively ... this data is generated by zimbra's logger, right? If I have a munin install on another machine to generate all sorts of pretty graphs and I start storing stats there, can I nuke these RRDs and turn off zimbra's logger? Or does it serve other functions as well beyond generating thousands of RRD files?