I have a small problem, or at least what seems like a small problem... When I installed zimbra a few years ago I was using H-Mail server on a Windows machine... I knew nothing about email and the way it worked. I was thrown into the admin job as we were getting screwed by our hosting company.... So we dropped the hosting company I installed Hmail and all was dandy for about 1 year... Hmail kept giving me fits... the system would go down often and simply wasn't going the job I needed it to do. So along comes Zimbra FOSS edition... I thought to myself "How hard could this be?...) Well, it installed straight away and I switched everyone over to the new server... however, when I installed Zimbra I chose not to use port 587, but instead to use port 25 for all client machines to talk to Zimbra via SMTP, (We are on a static so 25 is open)... remember I knew nothing about email systems... and know just enough now to break a working system. So, all was working perfectly... until my boss comes to me complaining that he can not send mail.... it seems that we were "Black Litsed" by Spamhaus.... hmmmm. I looked at the reason and we were on a CBL list, it seems that one of our machines got hit with ZEROACCESS Botnet and was sending out it's own emails on port 25... Damn! So I search the web and find that I can set firewall rules to block all outbound traffic on port 25 except from the email sever... AWESOME! Except,... all SMTP traffic to the email server needs t be on port 25... DAMN!

So to make a long story even longer... sorry.... how can I fix this? Can I just reinstall from scratch and migrate all users and Calendars and stuff?

We are on Ubuntu x32 8.04 and Zimbra 6.0.14_GA_2928. Zimbra is a virgin install, meaning no updates to the server.

Thanks for your help....


I know I have forgotten some important information that you will need to assist me,... so "Flame On!"...