Dear all,

While updating from Zimbra 8.0.4 to Zimbra 8.0.5 in SUSE-Linux SLES 11

i get the following Error

Checking for prerequisites...
FOUND: sudo-1.7.6p2-
FOUND: libidn-1.10-3.18
FOUND: gmp-4.2.3-10.99
FOUND: /usr/lib/

Checking for suggested prerequisites...
FOUND: sysstat
MISSING: sqlite does not appear to be installed.


The suggested version of one or more packages is not installed.
This could cause problems with the operation of Zimbra.

When i try to install sqlite using

zypper install sqlite - The result was

Refreshing service 'nu_novell_com'.
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
'sqlite' not found in package names. Trying capabilities.
'sqlite3' providing 'sqlite' is already installed.
Resolving package dependencies...

So zimbra is not recognizing Sqlite3 ... how to resolve this issue.
pls help.