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Thread: Do not allow sending email on port 25

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    Default Do not allow sending email on port 25

    Do not allow sending email on port 25 on the local network will be sent only port 587.

    We have some parameter that sets this function.

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    Não permitir envio email na porta 25 na rede local, envio sera apenas porta 587.

    Temos alguma parametro que configura esta função.

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    I don't understand. Are you asking how to block mail on port 25, or is it currently being blocked and you want to allow it?

    If you do not have an external anti-spam appliance/system, you could just block port 25 on your own network range via firewall rules.

    If you have an external anti-spam appliance, you can block port 25 on the firewall for all IP ranges except for your anti-spam appliance/system. This is what we do. Only our anti-spam appliance (IronPort in our case) is able to connect to Zimbra on port 25. All users route their mail through 465/587. Server-to-server mail is routed through our anti-spam appliance.
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