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    Default Migrate to Zimbra

    ZCS foss 8.x. I have a user that is using outlook with godaddy servers for email. I would like to know the best way to get him onto the zimbra server. The first thing i thought about was configuring outlook for the zimbra server. Then just copy his inbox, sent, deleted, calendar and contacts to the new outlook zimbra config. Will there be any problems bringing his calendar and contacts over in this manner?
    Another thing i thought about was just getting the pst files and importing into zimbra. Not sure if this can be done? Either on the users web UI or the admin UI? Or do i have to use the command line on the zimbra server? How are others doing this type of migration?

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    There is a PST importer for Zimbra. If you only have a small number of accounts to move over, this is pretty easy.

    You can find the PST importer in your Zimbra admin console download link.
    Paul Chauvet
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