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Thread: sync addressbook to thunderbird (carddav)

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    Default sync addressbook to thunderbird (carddav)


    the last years my users use the thunderbird extension zindus to sync the contacts to thunderbird but sadly zinuds is gone and it seems that no alternative way exists to do this job.
    does anybody know a way to sync the contacts to thunderbird?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregor View Post
    does anybody know a way to sync the contacts to thunderbird?
    I'm using the SOGo Connector, available here: SOGo: Frontends

    This effectively adds CardDAV support to Thunderbird's address book. Once installed, head to address book, then hit File -> New -> Remote Address Book.

    You'll need your CardDAV url from your Zimbra server, which is in the following format:

    (substitute /Contacts for other names if you have multiple address books on your server)

    Then right click on the new address book and hit Synchronise.

    This seems to work; that is to say it appears to pick up the requisite contact lists from the Zimbra server. Having said that, the only way I can see to sync is to hit Synchronise - there doesn't seem to be a way to set up a sync schedule. I might be missing something - if anyone happens to find such a feature, do please let me know.

    Disclaimer: I add most of my contacts from the phone, so I can't comment as to how reliable sync from Thunderbird back to Zimbra is; I have no reason to believe it doesn't work, but I haven't really tested it in anger.

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    Sogo connector almost works... Only the last EMAIL entry gets synced to the thunderbird address book:

    0002570: Multiple emails not synchronized - SOGo - BTS

    I'm waiting for this bug to be resolved before I upgrade Thunderbird. For now I'm sticking with Thunderbird 17.0.11 ESR that works with Zindus until this bug is resolved

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