Hi. I want to start off by saying how impressed I am with Zimbra. Good Job. Installation was a sinch..but now I've got a couple of problems.

This morning, all of the sudden, we could send messages, but not receive them. All the MX records are in the right place. So, I assumed that it was an Hosts file issue.

My hosts file has the normal localhost entry, then it has

<Natted IP> <machinename.domain.com> <machinename>

Now, our router forwards all mail requests to the Ip address of the machine.

So, I changed the host file and altered the config in the web ui- I took off the machinename in front of the domain name.

Then everything went to heck. So, I did a re-install/upgrade. Now zimbra works, but I still can't send...and I can't change any of the server settings... Myk question is, is there a way I can backup all the user accounts, and mail stores...do a complete re-install...and restore them?