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Thread: Documents permissions messed up

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    Default Documents permissions messed up


    I've got ZCS 4.5 server than was upgraded from 4.0.5 (domain documents were created in the 4.0.x timeframe).

    When I go to the domain in Admin UI and view documents, permissions are all messed up and I can't save. For example the public (no password) should only show 'view', but it has 'view','edit','add','remove'. If you double-click to edit public, only a checkbox for 'view' shows. How can I reset all these permissions?

    I don't have anything in there that I care about, so I'm happy to start over.

    I have run:
    zmprov mc default zimbraFeatureNotebookEnabled TRUE
    zmprov mcf zimbraNotebookAccount
    zmprov in password /opt/zimbra/wiki/Template Template

    And all the commands run successfully, but the permissions are still hosed.
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