Hi all

Its been a while since I have used the forums, so I'm hoping this is still the best place for this post.

Currently using zimbra 7.2.1 running on Ubuntu with split DNS

I'm in the process of planning for a migration of my default domain, and have a few questions that I'm hoping can be answered.

I'm currently running 2 domains in Zimbra for arguments sake Domain A (Default) and Domain B. Domain A has about 250 users and uses MS AD authentication and Domain B has about 25 and uses LDAP authentication. Both domains authenticate against the same AD environment. Currently our AD domain is the same name as out mail domain, however the new domain name is different and I still need to ensure we can use AD as the authentication source for single sign on.

I need to migrate all my users into Domain B, and I would also like this to become the default domain so my plan is:

- migrate all the current domain B users into domain A.
- delete domain B from Zimbra.
- rename domain A to domain B
- create a domain alias for the original default domain (A) to point to domain B.

I hope that this will result in the name of the default domain (and the all the associated accounts) having their domain name changing from A to B, and then the domain alias will enable the old email addresses to work.

So my key questions around this are as follows:
  1. What LDAP attribute does the MS AD authentication use, in particular does it use an attribue that includes the MS AD name?
  2. Can the autoprovision in Zimbra 8, create accounts in Zimbra where the AD domain and the email domain are different names?
  3. We currently do not permit sharing across domains, when we migrate users from domain B into domain A will any folders they have shared still be available once everyone is migrated?
  4. Any other experiences / advice / things we might be missing?

Many thanks