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Thread: Disable archive accounts, ZCS 8.0.2

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    Default Disable archive accounts, ZCS 8.0.2

    I want to disable and stop archiving a particular account. Used to use in previous ZCS versions:
    zmarchiveconfig disable <original account>

    above returns:
    error: unknown document: DisableArchiveRequest

    and nothing changes

    zmprov ga <original account>|grep -i archive
    amavisArchiveQuarantineTo: <original account>
    zimbraArchiveAccount: <original account>
    zimbraArchiveAccountDateTemplate: yyyyMMdd
    zimbraArchiveAccountNameTemplate: ${USER}-${DATE}@${DOMAIN}.archive
    zimbraArchiveEnabled: FALSE

    Also the "zimbraArchiveEnabled: FALSE" is on all accounts, archived or not, ??

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    This sounds like the archive zimlet/extension is likely not installed (properly) on the mailbox host receiving the SOAP request. Given that you're on 8.0.2, should go through the upgrade process to get to 8.0.5 (see for numerous fixes including some very important ones) and while doing that be sure that the archive package gets installed on your mailbox server(s).

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