Today I noticed, that tagged messages were messed up in my account. Started to check on server - no particular errors in mailbox.log. When I hit particular Tag, messages, that get filtered out, actually do not relate to this tag, nor any of the displayed messages indicate any signs of tags at all.

Noticed the same behavior in other accounts. E.g. Tags are present in Tags section, but hitting on particular tag, does filter out some messages, but results are completely not connected with particular tag, nor tags at all (e.g. untagged messages). If I switch over from Ajax web ui to regular HTML - it seems, that issue does not appear there. Just in Ajax web UI.

Some information could help me to look for solution:
- where does ZCS store tag ID and message relations?
- it might be connected with indexing, but rim tasks on mailbox do not make any difference. Should this reflect in other than mailbox.log file?

Thank you for hints...