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... has managed to confuse me. We are currently running zcs-7.2.5_GA_2906.RHEL5.20130911101145 on Centos 5.9. We'd like to upgrade to CentOS 6 and Zimbra 8. The upgrade itself doesn't frighten me: the upgrade from Zimbra 6 to Zimbra 7 was a breeze. The installer did everything for us. Worked like a charm.

However ... given that Zimbra 8 isn't available in a 32-bit build, we need to upgrade our operating system to Centos 6, 64-bit, then install Zimbra 8 on it. Apparently, there is no way to simply run the Zimbra 8 installer over the copied Zimbra 7 mailstore and have it do a turnkey upgrade.

The instructions say, "The ZCS installation on the new server must be configured exactly as ... on the original server." I can understand why the passwords and account names for admin, spam, ham, etc. should be the same. But the installer apparently uses different names for some of these passwords. For example, the installer presents several different passwords that I can change, some of which have similar names. I'm not sure which to set.

Why can't I simply copy the localconfig.xml from the old server to the new? Or, another question: if I just copy the names and passwords from the old localconfig.xml file, will that take care of the whole issue as soon as I restart Zimbra 8?

Thanks in advance.