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Thread: Zimbra uses another zimbra server on its network to relay some messages

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    Default Zimbra uses another zimbra server on its network to relay some messages


    I have a real problem, somehow my two Zimbra mailservers on the same network are using eachother to relay messages.
    There are no settings between the two mailservers and they do not have any shared domains.

    Data from yesterday are:
    zimbra1 sent ~6k messages of which 153 went to zimbra2 for relay.

    This is done seemingly on random. Sometimes messages from recipientA to recipientB use zimbra1 and sometimes zimbra2.

    Zimbra 1 is ZCS 8.0.2
    ZImbra 2 is ZCS 8.0.5

    What can cause such behaviour? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by molnarm View Post
    What can cause such behaviour?
    I've no idea and the lack of real diagnostic information means it's impossible to tell you. You need to look in the log files for the server and see exactly what's happening, you could also look in the forums for "compromised account", you could have an infected machine on your LAN (if you're behind a NAT router), you also haven't said whether this is a Split Domain, you might also have a DNS problem - I'd suggest you do some further investigation and see what you find. I'd also suggest you upgrade the ZCS 8.0.2 server to the most recent version as soon as possible (and take a backup first), search the forums for the reason.


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