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Thread: pop3s only works when enable clear text login is checked

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    Default pop3s only works when enable clear text login is checked

    OSS Upgrade to 4.5 on Debian 3.1

    POP3S only works when Enable Clear Text Login is checked. When it's unchecked I get the following error message:

    Pop3Server-2] [ip=;] pop - -ERR only valid after entering TLS mode (USER user@domain.ext)

    Check it again, restart the server and the error goes away.

    I have verified (via a tcp dump) that 995/SSL is used when Enable Clear Text is on and the client is configured for it.

    So I'm not sure what's going on.

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    Hi freeformz,
    Sorry about that. This is a known issue which has been fixed, and will be included in the 4.5.1 maintenance release which is scheduled for this week.

    Here's the bug details:


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