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Thread: Calendar issues with Lighting and Sunbird

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    Default Calendar issues with Lighting and Sunbird


    I've been testing zimbra with lighting and sunbird and so far it seems
    viewing can be done by both, but "pushing" a calender event is possible only in sunbird, can anyone concur?

    By creating a new calender in sunbird, using the iCalender format and with location value set as "https://server/service/home/account@domain/calendar?fmt=ics", I can push event from sunbird to zimbra, and vice versa calendar events created in zimbra can also be viewed on sunbird.

    But using lighting, i get a 0x0 error number, status code 403, stating that i dont have enough permission, although i created the network calender exactly the same as i did with sunbird.

    Zimbra version is 4.5 opensource, sunbird version is 0.3, lighting version is also 0.3.

    Is anyone using lighting and can publish events in zimbra? or sunbird at the moment is the only one which can do this?

    thanks in advance,

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    You're gonna need to authenticate to view the calendar.

    Have you tried:
    "https://username: password@server/service/home/account@domain/calendar?fmt=ics"
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