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Thread: LDAP MDB back end file huge

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    Quote Originally Posted by halfgaar View Post
    Hmm, mdb_copy doesn't copy the file as sparse. Restoring it to a new server will then fail, because when there is no more space in the mdb data file, you have dataloss.
    From the wiki article:

    Note: The copied MDB file will *not* be a sparse file. It will be the actual size of the database. I.e., if your databse is 25MB in size, the resulting copied database will be a full 25MB, and not an 80GB sparse file.
    Your post implies that's not the case, is that actually what you're saying?


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    No, I meant exactly the same as the wiki.

    The wiki doesn't mention this as a problem, and Quanah in the other thread also says you should include the file copied with mdb_copy in the backup routine. So, I guess my question is: if I restore this file to a new server, will Openldap function properly? Will it perhaps automatically resize the file to be 80 GB sparse again?

    My new LDAP backup script is almost done, BTW. I will include it in my original post.

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