I think i got two problems. Not certain if these two issues are several underlying problems.
Last weekend i migrated from one server to another doing the same name and ip rsync method. Several issues i had to resolve and now i got a working mail server on new hardware.
Running ubuntu 12.04 with zimbra 8.0.5...
First issue is i get messages about the ldab primary mdb database is 90%. I read some on it about it taking up the drive space but not actually being that big. Should i go ahead and resize it? Any other option?
Second, Backups fail. First day while i was resolving other issues with the new server and zimbra i got the LDAP backup failed.
The second day when i had the server up and running doing it thang i get the unable to read metadata message.
Both instances im running a full from the admin ui. Im not very good at linux or zimbra but i do know if i mess up and dump ldap im gonna be hurting.

I have looked at the forums so im either blurred from reading them all weekend or just tired. Plus wanting to take extra care at this point.