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Thread: Disable lmtp for a domain

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    Default Disable lmtp for a domain

    Hello Forum!,

    I need your help, this is my issue, i have a two zimbra servers, the old one with zimbra 6 and the new one with zimbra 8, both with the domain "". The new server has other domains (, and i want to send mail from "" to "" created in the old server, but the messages are arriving to "" in the new server.

    For this i have tried changing the lmtp and smtp for the domain "", following this: Managing Domains - Zimbra :: Wiki

    The DNS config is correct, the mx records for "" refers to the old server, so i dont want to use the "" domain in the new server yet.

    How can i solve this?


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    Read the wiki article (or search the forums) on Split Domain.


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