We had setup our GAL to use external ldap quite some time ago, but never enabled the galsync account. Last week, we made that move. Since doing this, our GAL has forced all id's to be firstname MI lastName. All of our Outlook users that were viewing things in LastName, FirstName format suddenly had their entire GAL reset to FirstName MI LastName and it will not change, even though we have the GalSort registry key set.

Looking at things a bit more, it appears that the "fileAs" attribute on all of the address book entries in the GalSync account are set to the "8: Explicit" setting, namely putting them in as the Display Name. I've tested changing that fileAs on individual accounts, and that seems to work until the next external GAL/Galsync account sync time.

Does anyone know if there is a way to get this changed to have the default fileAs to something other than the Explicit setting? I opened a support case a few days ago, but I thought I'd check on the forums, too.