I have been using ZCS for a long time (6 years) and it has been very stable. We are not using NE. Currently, our Primary ZCS is located in Amazon Cloud. We are planning to bring this server back to our offices.

Primary Config:
ZCS 8.0.4 - with domain mail.example.com (auto created with installation)
/opt is a separate partition
50GB of /opt/zimbra data
Around ~200 email boxes
Multiple Custom SMTP Sender Restriction Lists
Multiple domains - example.com (primary email domain), example.example etc.

Target Server:
ZCS 8.0.4 vanilla installation
/opt is a separate partition
domain mail.example.com alone is auto-created during installation

Suggested plan of Action:

1. Stop ZCS Services on Primary Server.
2. Compress /opt/zimbra to single .tar.gz file
3. Copy the .tar.gz file to Target Server
4. Stop ZCS Services in Target Server
5. Remove /opt/zimbra folder completely in the Target Server
6. Restore the contents of the .tar.gz file inside /opt on the Target Server
7. Start services in Target server
8. Modify A, MX records accordingly.

user id of zimbra in both servers must have the same id (command: "id -u zimbra" on both servers should return the same value)
Enough time to copy 50GB of data through the Internet.

Will the above steps work? Is restoring /opt/zimbra alone is enough? What others steps need to be ensured?