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Thread: Corrupted attachment (docx,xlsx,tiff)

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    Unhappy Corrupted attachment (docx,xlsx,tiff)

    Hello, everybody:

    I have a 2 mail-server on zimbra 8.0.5 in my network with 2 different domains. When i send mail with attachments, one or more atachment gets corrupted (only docx(doc), xlsx(xls) and tiff). In what could be the problem?

    I send one mail 2 times. Here is what I saw:

    normal mail.
    w3JD/SPtXdayE66fM1DS4AYEl5wBs8kiLgTi2cNjVfD2AStYBScQXJJ 2BavgBIJL1mK7umvLvjtu
    67v5+iumpqaPPPqYefOOODw5PXV4auczew8emjx0aPLAwcmjjp o3/4RjT1twwrWfuT3IFJXgxJCE

    corrupted mail:
    w3JD/SPtXdayE66fM1DS4AYEl5wBs8kiLgTi2cNjVfD2AStYBScQXJJ 2BavgBIJL1mK7umvLvjtu
    67v������qaPPPqYefOOODw5PXV4auczew8emjx0aPLAwcmjjp o3/4RjT1twwrWfuT3IFJXgxJCE
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