Hi all...

I have a zimbra server which support multiple domains in a somewhat test oriented environment..

I have a OTRS installations which tries to send alert mails to the zimbra server on the same local network.

for some reason the alert mails are not showing in the zimbra mailbox in question...

Now i can see in my OTRS logs that the mail is being send and to the correct mail address.. btw this is working when you point to hotmail accounts and others so it must be a local problem..

since a normal DNS server would resolve the domain of the zimbra mailbox in question to a external ip I have added the local IP of the zimbra mail server to the OTRS hosts file and tested that it resolved the domain with a internal IP instead of the external one.. just to avoid any problems with the firewall..

Just to be sure i don't see any mail traffic going from OTRS to Zimbra in my firewall log

I have logged into the zimbra mailbox in question and added the OTRS@test.dk where test.dk is the external domain from where mails are received to the allowed address in regards to spam - in other words made sure zimbra won't catch the mail as spam..

I have checked the graphs in the admin console to see if any mails was caught in the spam filter and non is registered...

but i'm still not receiving any mails...

now i think the problem may be that OTRS has its own mail server and is sending the alert mails with the mails address OTRS@test.dk to the zimbra mailbox in question test@test.dk - maybe zimbra doesn't like receiving mails from other mail servers which is using mail domain it's responsible for... but i'm not sure if its so ..

any help would be appreciated!!



PS: @test.dk was just an example and is not the actual domain in question..