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Thread: Is it possible to disable the right to "Mark a Message as read" for a shared folder

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    Question Is it possible to disable the right to "Mark a Message as read" for a shared folder

    Is it possible to allow users to move E-Mails to a shared folder but still NOT allow them to mark a message as read if they are in the shared folder?

    The Background is that an external app fetches all the E-Mails that are "Marked Unread" and marks them as read. But obviously if any other user sees a new unread message in the folder he could easily mark it as read too and the external app will never fetch it. So i have to make sure that the Users can not mark these messages as read in this folder.

    Thank you for any hint!

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    I don't think that level of granularity in permissions is available. The only permissions available for shared folders is one or more of the following (of which write means all alterations, excluding deletion but including marking as read/unread).

    (r)ead - search, view overviews and items
    (w)rite - edit drafts/contacts/notes, set flags
    (i)nsert - copy/add to directory, create subfolders action
    (x) - workflow actions, like accepting appointments
    (d)elete - delete items and subfolders, set \Deleted flag
    (a)dminister - delegate admin and change permissions
    Paul Chauvet
    State University of New York at New Paltz

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