Hi everybody !

In my Zimbra OSE 8.0.5 / REHL 6/64 I want to create an external calendar connected to an external caldav server. I write fields with requested values, I press OK and nothing happen !

I try a connection to my caldav server with a Lightning client : good
I try the caldav URL http://mysrv/dav/mailname@domainname/Calendar in my navigator, I get a file after authentication.
I try the same URL with authentication in http://login:password@mysrv/dav/mail...nname/Calendar good
I look with tcpdump what happen when I create the external caldav calendar : nothing on the network ???
I do the same thing using ics rather caldav for my calendar and I can dump my communications with wireshark.

I look at Zimbra logs and nothing wrong.

I don't understand why nothing do away through the network ?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards.