Quanah! And all others.

We are trying to migrate from Exchange. It's all pretty simple, and we got GAL and Authentication to Active Directory (AD) in place. LAZY provisioning works as expected.

But... the clients UID (sAMAccount) is something horrible like BMD0009, BMD0013, BVI1928, BVI2910, even CCP3 and BVI39000
No regularity, no way to make a script to map these UID's to email addresses.

However, there is a 'mail' attribute in AD. If set to 'first.last' I can use it, if set to 'first.last@one-of-their-domains' it doesn't work.
See http://www.zimbra.com/forums/adminis...ning-help.html, and unfortunately in 8.0.5 it's still a problem.

Also, please read carefully, the client doens't want their email addresses to be 'BVI2910@theirdomain.com' but 'first.last@theirdomain.com'

I thought, well, with the MapAttributes, we can map their main account to first.last (and the @domain is added, although that is not really cool, since they have multiple domains) and then I can add their sAMAccountname as ALIAS. (zimbraMailAlias or maybe zimbraAlternateMailAddress)

None of this seems to work.

See also http://www.zimbra.com/forums/adminis...d-address.html

I am not really done testing, but since the deadline is like today, I am not confident this is possible.

What I did do, is something along the lines of:

zmprov md domain.net +zimbraAutoProvAttrMap gn.sn=zimbraAlias

But then I got an error saying that zimbraMailAlias is immutable.

Is there a quick solution for this, or will it only be addressed in a newer release?