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    Default Receptionist view

    I have shared all the Group calendars that we use to book our Meeting rooms with our receptionist. This allow her to see all of the meeting going on in a given day/time.

    When we first set this up the mouse over bubble would show a list of the attendees. The bubble could be quite large but it met our needs, as our receptionist needs to be able to see this information as quickly as possible.

    However, these days the bubble no longer shows this valuable piece of information. She has to double click the meeting in order to get the list of attendees. When there are 4 meetings going on at one time, you can imagine how much of a PITA that could be.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to control what is shown in the mouse over bubble? Or a better solution for a Receptionist view than shared calendars?

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    Did you do an upgrade? If so, what version were you on, and what version did you go to?

    Cleared cache?

    Either way, I think you need to file a bug:

    and vote for it


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    yeah, we upgraded.
    We are a paying customer so we have done every upgrade except the latest, which is in our plans for later this week.
    I am not sure which update removed the attendees from the the mouse over
    I know that helps all of Zero.

    I suppose a bug report asking for the functionality to return would be a start.

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