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Thread: language and spell checking

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    Default language and spell checking

    Hello, I could not find it in the forums so I'll have to compose this post.
    We use Zimbra 8.0.5 FOSS on Ubuntu 12.04 LTO

    several of our users experience lots of underlined words when they compose a message. also the ones spelled correct in dutch. Many of them are getting annoyed by this behaviour.
    the client settings for the language in zimbra is dutch. all of the OS's used by the clients are also in dutch. the server's OS is in english. when activating the spell checker corrections are made in dutch. but it seems that the automatic spell checker only uses english. how to avoid this?
    Regards, Fons

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    Are you sure it is the Zimbra spell checker and not the browser spell checker? I've had users who have their browser setting to one language and their Zimbra setting to another.

    If it is a red underline under what it thinks are misspelled words, it sounds like the browser is set to the wrong language for spell checking, not the Zimbra client. The Zimbra client typically displays misspelled words as highlighted in yellow.

    Note: I'm still on Zimbra 7.x so I don't know if 8.x changed how it does spell check.
    Paul Chauvet
    State University of New York at New Paltz

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