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Thread: Auto check for email - additional accounts

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    Default Auto check for email - additional accounts

    I've noticed that when adding new accounts, the only way to see new email to them is to right click on the new account and click on 'Get external email'.
    Is there some way of automatically checking email for all accounts?

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    I don't know if this is still true, but in the past the default was to not auto-poll external accounts. You can set this on a per account basis (for 10 minutes in the given example)
    zmprov mds USERNAME@DOMAIN DATASOURCENAME zimbraDataSourcePollingInterval 10m
    or at the class of service level (example given is for the default COS for 5 minute interval):
    zmprov mc default zimbraDataSourcePollingInterval 5m

    Again - not sure if this is still in place (and you didn't list your Zimbra version anyway). There are only two or three accounts here that are allowed to do external account polling but mine is one of them and I know I had to do this at least back in the Zimbra 5 era.
    Paul Chauvet
    State University of New York at New Paltz

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    Thanks for the input Paul, I'll take a look at those functions. Since I'm not always sure of the terminology used in certain types of software, it's hard to look for answers until you become more familiar.

    FYI, the reason I want this is because I'm trying to see if the webclient could be used as the single point for email for someone who has say a dozen email accounts/domains on zimbra along with other email accounts on other sites/servers. Just like a traditional mail client installed on a pc which allows for multiple accounts, this is what I've not been able to achieve yet in my testing.

    In other words, instead of having to log into a dozen or more different email accounts, it would be nice to use the webmail client to maintain all of them in one place.
    However, it is starting to look like these functions are for alias accounts only which don't need all of the functions of the rest of the webmail client and where only the main account has those functions.

    Still playing with it and learning.

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