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Thread: Mailbox sharing best practise

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    Lightbulb Mailbox sharing best practise

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to find a user friendly solution for our zimbra domain according to some company policies.

    Our current situation is as follows:
    • three domains, internal1.vlwf and internal2.vlwf.
    • public domain is publicly known and reachable, internal1 and 2 domains are used for internal mailing.
    • external mail adresses (with public domain name) can be devided in two groups, personal and group adresses.
    • external personal mail adresses are aliases for the corresponding group mail adresses.
    • for internal mailing users use their personal mailboxes in the local domain.
    • users can only send mail to external mail adresses from group mailboxes.
    • since users have to be able to use personal + one or more group mailboxes simulatiously, we configured DNS CNAME's for our zimbra server hostname thus users can use different url's for opening personal and group mailboxes (and don't have to logout).

    Problems in our current setup:
    • users have to open multiple windows and login multiple times to be able to access all mailboxes.
    • users have to agree on group mailbox passwords (url password passing isn't possible after upgrading Zimbra).
    • ssl zimbra certificate isn't valid for CNAME url's so users get warnings upon using new mailbox for the first time.

    To resolve these problems I was planning on sharing group mailboxes to the corresponding user mailboxes. When trying this I've noticed this solution is already perfect for opening and reading mail. Replying is also possible since Zimbra shows "answer in name of [shared group mailbox]" option below subject field. However, when users now want to send a new external mail, they would still have to login to the group mailbox and use the "old" system since there is no such "alias" option when sending a new mail from their personal mailbox.

    Is there any way of adding a "from address alias" option to these personal mailboxes?
    Could I perhaps staticly translate "from addresses" from internal to publicly known when sending from internal domain to external mail adresses?

    Thanks in advance,

    Inaki Ronsmans

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    Okay, just discovered I can add "persona's" in the user mailbox settings, this will solve my problem.
    Is ist possible to add persona's in the commandline?

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