After install of version 8.0.2 about 6 months ago I changed zmlocalconfig settings from their defaults to those listed below in order to lower the deferred queue timeout, honestly I don't remember if I changed both or one of these values initially, or if I used "h" or "d" but I had 1 day kickbacks on my deferred queue working properly.

postfix_bounce_queue_lifetime = 1d
postfix_maximal_queue_lifetime = 1d

I believe after an upgrade to 8.0.5 these were reverted to default, I didn't notice until maybe a month after the upgrade. Now, after re-editing both of these values from default, they don't seem to take effect. I've tried both 1d and 24h as values and restarted services and even fully rebooted. After several days I still have several deferred messages a few days old. I haven't messed with any other postfix queue values, but will post any additional configs if necessary. I apologize as this seems like an easy question, but I've researched and it seems these are the only two parameters affecting the queue's total lifetime. Which is actually the proper syntax? Also, are there any other config parameters I'm missing that affect this? Thanks in advance for any insight.