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Thread: How to remove remote LDAP?

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    Question How to remove remote LDAP?

    Hello Everyone,

    I've inherited a Zimbra 6.0.15 mail server that is currently connected to an Apple OpenDirectory LDAP for authentication. We are transitioning away from OpenDirectory. I've reset all the local passwords on Zimbra so it should continue to function once the LDAP server is removed. Two quick questions:

    1. How do I remove remote LDAP support from Zimbra? Do I simply clear the fields where it is currently configured or is there more to the process?

    2. Are there any "gotchas" I should be looking for when doing this?

    There's lots of information about connecting Zimbra to LDAP - but nothing about REMOVING it from LDAP.

    Thank you!


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    You should be able to just go into the Admin GUI and do the following:
    - Select your domain
    - Click Configure Authentication
    - Change from External Authentication to Internal Authentication
    - Repeat as needed if you have multiple domains.
    Paul Chauvet
    State University of New York at New Paltz

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    Worked like a charm. Thank you!!


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