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Thread: Proxy, SSL and multi domain on community version

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    Default Proxy, SSL and multi domain on community version

    Bit confused with all of the stuff I'm reading so figured it's time to ask here.

    First, I'm using the community version of the server in single server mode. Second, I have multiple domains created on it. I need to install an SSL cert but it's not clear what I need to do in order to cover all users, main domain and any other hosted domains.

    I'm not sure what the 'All Servers' option means in the SSL wizard.

    So the questions are as follow.

    Do I actually need to enable the proxy services because I'm using multiple domains? This is something that I have simply not been able to confirm or understand. In some cases, it sounds like in order to do proper multi-domain hosting, you need to enable the proxy. It kinda sounds like otherwise, additional domains are really just aliases of the main domain. Doesn't seem to be the case because I can connect to what ever DNS name I have and reach the proper domain so for example, leads me only to that domains email.
    Sounds like you only use a proxy IF you have multiple zimbra servers installed.

    Then, when I look at installing an SSL cert to get rid of the SSL self signed error, there is an option to pick the host name or pick 'All Servers'. There isn't anything in the manual about this and searching hasn't given me any leads.

    Since email owners will connect to their own domain name, does that mean I need an SSL cert for each domain or can I install ONE SSL cert for the entire server? I'd prefer one single commercial SSL cert. Typically, certs are set to the host name but there is lots of mention of domain names when hosting multiple domains so... bit confused about how zimbra is handling things.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
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    zmproxy is a reverse proxy/load balancer. This is used primarily for clustering servers and modifying request handlers for user connections. The only time it would have anything to do with multiple domains is if user count increases considerably with each domain.

    SSL for will work for the entire server and would be transparent as long as:
    They are using email clients.
    Domain owners using Zimbra Web Client connect to to retrieve a valid cert. Domain owners would be able to log in with the url by entering user@domain and respective password.

    If owners connect to,, etc., valid fqdn ssl certs are required for each, otherwise they retrieve the cert, which would be invalid for their domain.

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    Understood and thank you very much for the explanation.

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