This may be a weird question but is there a way I can adjust the speed at which zimbra clears out the Junk Folder. Let me explain first. Some our our clients are gettin 400+ spam messages a day currently we are keeping these for a month (I know i can adjust this as well) so they could end 10,000 junk emails in their folder. However if they use the zimbra webmail and right click on Junk and click empty is basically will lock up the machine because the load or memory gets killed (I dont know for sure what the problem because obviously i can't ssh into the machine because it is unresponsive....requires a reboot.....i've waited for it for 20 mins once and it never recovered). Anyways if i use a third party webmail program (horde imp) and choose to clear out the junk via an imap connection I have no problem. I'm guessing imap is slow and doing the deletion that way doesn't kill the server the way the zimbrawebmail tries to do it locally. So is there a setting somewhere that I can possibly alter that would affect the speed at which zimbra clears out the Junk folders.