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Thread: Error message with zmsaupdate

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    Default Error message with zmsaupdate

    Assuming that this is the correct place to post, as the forum doesn't seem to have another suitable location.

    I'm running Zimbra 8.0.6_GA_5922 (build 20131203103702)

    Problem now is that during the zmsaupdate that is scheduled with cron, I get the following email notification:

    /bin/sh: 28: /opt/zimbra/.bashrc: [[: not found
    /bin/sh: 36: [: Linux: unexpected operator
    why has this suddenly started occurring, and how can it be fixed? If I run zmsaupdate manually, everything seems to be OK, as no error is shown. Assume that this is just with the scheduled job that is incorrect somehow.....

    crontab has:

    45 0 * * * . /opt/zimbra/.bashrc; /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmsaupdate
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